Others dare only to think it…

“Such as I was, I have declared myself; sometimes vile and despicable, at others, virtuous, generous and sublime.”
— Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Confessions

Divine Idiosyncrasies began in February 2006 as a chronicle of my dating experiments (experiences, I meant to say experiences). From the start, some of its guiding principles have been to make fun of myself – well, and everyone else too. To present universal truths – wrapped in funny paper. And like Jean-Jacques Rousseau, to utterly and completely expose myself – I mean, not in a trench-coat kind of way, of course.

From memoirs to gonzo journalism to ruthless ridicule of the truly deserving, my greatest hope for this site is that it produces that deep, spontaneous laugh that only comes from surprising honesty and truths you’d never admit yourself.

Okay, enough of this introductory jibber-jabber. Click on one of those newfangled internet buttons to the right, would ya?


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